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    Miroir Noir

    Petits Marriages

    "Petits Marriages" is an extension of "Propter Nuptias" series. They all are very small canvases that were sent repeatedly between Barcelona and Bratislava in a seemingly eternal ping-pong through the snail post. It was a way to construct collaborative paintings from afar, kind of ultimate mail art mixed with cadravre exquis.

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    Tyson McAdoo born 1978  is a designer and art director with Creative Group, the in-house creative agency at Cartoon Network, working on promotional spots for children’s cartoons by day, and creating provocative images of the female form as a digital artist by night. 

    No one has the ability to combine the essence of 1950’s housewife, 1960’s sexpot, 1970’s exploitation femme fatale, and modern day pin-up quite like Tyson McAdoo. His ladies, teetering on impossibly high heels, seem as likely to screw you, as shoot you or cook you some bacon in nothing but an apron. Tyson is one of the few modern day artists whose work I keep close tabs on, and he never fails to thrill!


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Cyborg Superman by Dan Jurgens.


    Cyborg Superman by Dan Jurgens.

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